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dation has been conducting surveys on Chinese companie▓s operating in South Africa. It has also been working with local SMEs that want to sell

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viders in marketing, branding and communications, for instance,” Lu adds. According to him, the foundation has received several enquiries from South A

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rican businesses: SACEChina awash with oppor

frican companies who want to pitch and sell to Chinese companies.There are also more South African-▓owned trading companies importing goods from China &ndash

tunities for South African businesse

s: SACEC▓hina awash with opportunities for

; from electron▓ics to home furnishing materials etc. The biggest challenges for African enterprises doing business with China, ▓particularly those engaged

South African businesses: SACE02-1

5-2017 07:08 BJTChina's influence in Afr

in import and export, include financial constraints, language barriers and lack of trust. “Local businesses that import goods from China struggle with

ica has grown rapidly over the last
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